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Pine Valley Outdoor Science Camp is an outdoor education program for public schools, Christian schools, and homeschool groups. Our outdoor education goal is to provide students with a greater appreciation of the natural world through hands-on discovery, careful observation, critical thinking and tying the subjects they study in school with real-world application. The experience is driven by actively engaging students in nature and experiments, reinforced by fact review and journaling. Our 75-minute classes include activities, experiments, and information collection. In each experience, the phrases “I notice… I wonder… This reminds me of…” are used to reinforce the scientific process and the myriad of connections in the world around us.


Located just 40 minutes east of San Diego, Pine Valley is roughly 3,700 feet in elevation with great views of the Laguna Mountains and unparalleled views of the night sky. Pine Valley is nestled in 460,000 acres of Cleveland National Forest and has less than 0.1% of the population found in San Diego. Daily we see the beauty of the natural world, enjoy miles of hiking trails, and observe the rich diversity in this unique ecosystem. This lends itself beautifully to our science and outdoor adventures where students learn while getting dirty and having memorable fun.


Our trained leaders will facilitate each activity and partner with your teachers/group leaders to provide the best learning experience possible. Each school is responsible for providing leaders who supervise the dorm at night, travel with groups to all activities and classes, and assist instructors during class time. We keep class sizes under 20 students to enhance the learning experience.


Pine Valley Outdoor Science Camp is just one part of Pine Valley Bible Conference Association, which has been providing outstanding facilities, recreation, food, and a gifted staff to create Christ-honoring retreats and conferences for thousands of annual guests for over 75 years. Find out more about PVBCA here. 



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