What to Expect

Get excited for your trip to Pine Valley Outdoor Science Camp!

We offer a wide variety of exciting activities and classes, making learning fun with tons of hands-on experiments and outdoor activities. Whether you’re coming for Science Camp or Leadership Camp, you’re sure to have a good time.


Do you love nature? You’re in luck! Jump right in with classes like The Art of Science, bringing together art and science using things found in nature. We also have a number of classes taking you on hikes exploring the Cleveland National Forest.


Enjoy doing experiments, some of which even result in explosions! We offer lots of exciting science classes with hands-on experiments, all of which include safety procedures and controlled environments.


For all the active and adventurous ones out there, we also have classes such as target shooting, laser tag, and dirt scooters- a perfect opportunity to use up some of your energy and get some exercise in.


For more information on the classes available, click here.


During your downtime in between classes and meals, we offer additional activities and the opportunity to try new things and have fun! Climb to new heights at our Vertical Playpen, Zipline, and Pine Climb. Take a shot at our archery range or come play arrow tag. We also provide a number of self-serve activities along with our game room.


After all of our daytime activities, we also have evening activity options such as Night Pine Climb, Night Hikes, Campfires, Hayrides, and more.


Feel like you need a snack or a quick pick-me-up between meals? Stop by our coffee shop or grill. Looking for a souvenir to remember your trip to Pine Valley? We also have a gift shop!


For more information on all the activities we offer, click here.