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Pine Valley Outdoor Science Camp serves a variety of schools throughout Southern California and Arizona.


Christian Schools As we are overseen by Pine Valley Bible Conference Association, the majority of our visiting schools are Christian schools. We use Biblically-integrated curriculum that includes worship services, personal devotions, and spiritual applications that tie class learning to a faith life. These principles add value to class curriculum in science and leadership subjects.


Public Schools Public schools and other secular schools will find that Pine Valley Outdoor Science Camp caters to state standards and educational benchmarks. All of our science classes meet NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). In addition, our leadership and teamwork initiatives as well as the natural environment of camp allow students in their formative years to expand their horizons.


Homeschool Groups We want all students to have the opportunity to be a part of outdoor education, including students who are not enrolled in a formal institute. Organized homeschool groups are welcome to join with our Christian school or public school curriculum. 


Pine Valley Outdoor Science Camp offers separate sessions for Christian schools and secular schools so that we can best provide for every school’s needs.



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