Why Should Arizona Schools Camp in California?

Different Elements of Nature

If your students grew up in Arizona, they have grown accustomed to the nature surrounding them. Take them to California for a new experience- it’s not just the big cities they’ve seen in movies! On your drive to Pine Valley, you’ll have the opportunity to observe California deserts, mountains, and forests. Pine Valley is in San Diego County, but sits at just under 4000 feet in elevation surrounded by the Cleveland National Forest. Here, students can compare the abundance of diverse flora and fauna with what they are used to back at home through hands-on experiences.


We Still Cater to Arizona Science Standards

All of our science classes meet specific middle school NGSS standards, a national standard for science classes that both California and Arizona schools utilize. Additionally, many of these transfer over to Arizona standards. Pine Valley staff is happy to help you identify which of our classes meet which Arizona standards upon request.


CCCA & Spiritual Emphasis for Christian Schools

The Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) is the standard you should be looking for when you are looking for Bible-based camps. Arizona has three camps that are members of CCCA. However, none of them offer outdoor education experiences.


California has dozens of CCCA camps, many of which offer outdoor education. Pine Valley is one of those camps. Because we cater to public schools and Christian schools on separate weeks, our Christian school curriculum is Christ-centered and intentionally seeks learning opportunities with a spiritual emphasis. Each class includes a Biblical life application, daily devotions are provided and required for all students to study, and each evening, everyone gets together for Super Science, a camp chapel experience featuring worship and a Bible message illustrated with over-the-top science experiments. 


California Experiences Without the California Prices

When you imagine a trip to California, you likely imagine dropping hundreds if not thousands of dollars per day for meals, lodging, and activities. At Pine Valley Outdoor Science Camp, we strive to offer competitive pricing- you cannot get the same value anywhere else in Southern California! For one all-inclusive rate, schools get lodging, meals, classes, and activities. This even includes adventures such as rock climbing, laser tag, zip lining, and zooming around our dirt scooter track.